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Kim's dental hygiene service has been a god send to me. I am bed ridden and it has been impossible to go to a dental office. Kim's services is excellant and done with tender care. I would recommend her service to anyone who is home bound.

Joyce LoCicero

I just want to thank you for your wonderful dental cleaning you provided me. I think this is the most detailed and cleaniest dental check-up I have ever had. What a wonderful service you provide for people with special needs. See you in 6 months. 

Michael Parker

Mom really appreciated your careful, considerate, professional help, commenting on how good her mouth felt... I am happy that you were among those who preservered in her health care with enthusiastic optimism. Again, thank you on her behalf.


It is comforting to know that someone as detailed as Kim is looking out for the overall health of my mom's mouth. She may wear dentures, but knowing that someone is keeping them clean and checking their proper fit is an important service.

Linda D 

I just wanted to say thank you again for letting me observe you last night. I was very impressed with your professional manner and treatment given to each patient.  I am very excited about writing my report now that I have had such a good experince with an RDHAP. It was also very obvious how much you care for the people you help.


Thank you so much for giving me such expert and kind attention.  It was much appreciated.


My mother moved into an Alzheimer's facility over 2 years ago. Since she doesn't move well and must use a walker, it would have been most difficult to get her to a dentist. Smiles On The Run has been a great asset. It is professionally operated as Kim is a pleasure to work with, I would highly recommend her!


Kim's service has been excellent. She has been providing for my mom with Alzheimer's for the past few years.  She is both reliable and skilled. I would recommend her to anyone who needs home dental care.


I have been a dental hygienist for thirty five years. When my parents moved to an assisted living facility due to Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, I was faced with the challenge of handling their dental needs. I contacted Kim and she made it easy.  She arrived with her portable dental equipment (everything I use in my office), was very professional and did a great job!


Kim, Thank you so much for your work with my mother yesterday. I have NEVER heard someone so excited about having their teeth cleaned!  You would have thought she just had an entire day of spa treatments!  It comes down to the fact that she loves a bit of attention, but also speaks to how kind and caring you are. Please feel free to use my name as a reference. I would not hesitate to communicate with anyone through email or a phone conversation and give you the highest accolades you deserve. Have a great weekend knowing you have not only created a business, but a needed service which my mother thoroughly enjoyed...


Kimberly Farrell-Rodriguez, RDHAP

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